Our Produce

We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality, locally sourced meats available in the area. Our meats are prepared in-house by our talented staff who will be happy to help assist you in choosing the very best cut available. We make all our own sausages, burgers and pies and cure all our own bacon.

Explore our range

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Hand selected Beef that is locally sourced.


Free range & grass fed lamb.


Large selection of Pork Joints, Chops & Steaks.


Free range Devonshire Chickens available.


Wild Game from the Royal Windsor Estate.


Variety of award winning traditional sausages.


Large variety of flavours and marinades available.


Large selection freshly cooked each day.

Cooked Meats

Cooked, served and sliced fresh for you in store.

If there’s something specific you’re looking for and cannot find across our selection, please feel free to pop in store or give us a call on 01276 472 191 and we can look into it.