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George’s father had a butcher’s shop in West End serving some customers in Lightwater and the Lightwater shop served some customers in West End. George was anxious not to cause confusion and conflict with his father’s business, so finally decided on the name George Arthur (Butchers) which was established in 1956 by George Coyne and Arthur Soames.

The shop originally had a sales area about half of the current layout with a marble window bed, a wooden counter and floor. There was a fridge in the corner of the shop and the first frozen food cabinet in the village.

Arthur had his own job but used to help when he could. George’s wife, Esther, used to help by making sausages and other products. Allen used to be in the shop in his pram, a true family business.

In the early days, 8 delivery boys and girls used the traditional trade bikes to make deliveries to West End, Deepcut, Blackdown, Bagshot, Windlesham and Lightwater. Only now are the supermarkets beginning to catch on!

Following Arthur’s sad demise and George’s retirement, the shop is now run by AllenCoyne and John Dickinson who have introduced many new ideas into the business. They have won prizes for their sausages and pies in competitions all over the country. They have won the title of Champion Sausage Makers of Surrey and they have introduced exotic meats such as Kangaroo, Crocodile, Buffalo and Ostrich. They also sell a wide range of fresh fish. The owners belong to several trade organisations including The National Federation of Meat Traders.

For over 20 years, most of our Christmas meats have come from regional shows and have won prizes for their outstanding quality. Many customers who have left the area still come back at Christmas to enjoy the supreme quality of the meat. All of the meat comes from healthy animals bred in a natural environment.

Allen and John would like to thank all of their customers past (still some original) and present, and hope that, with their support, they can keep on giving a service to the community.